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Regardless of your industry, if you don't have a business development plan that includes social media marketing, you're late to the dance. Not so late that everyone has gone home, -actually the exact opposite - 'cause this is where your prospects are. And a marketing plan that does not include being where your customers are is pointless. More than just being present, you also need to consider changing the way you or your company participates in social media. So many companies jump onto social media and start doing the same broadcast messaging they do everywhere else. That just does not work in social media. Social media is about joining the conversation and adding value to what your prospect or the community is talking about.

There's a lot of reason as to why a certain company needs social media marketing and it will depend on different factors like company profile, the products, and the customers that it is catering to. As the days go by, I would say there is also an increase when it comes to the importance of social media marketing that is very effective for most companies.

1. Social media channel is a good way of increasing a company's trustworthiness and goodwill which will definitely give the said company and increased and better branding. When companies are able to have conversations with their customers, the result is going to be a great amount of credibility.

2. The lead generation is also another basis for companies to go for social media marketing. Since the lead generation serves a very important part for a company's success, then using social media marketing for your campaigns help you reach out your targeted lead generation.

3. Social media channels also make it easier and more flexible for companies to engage with its customers. You have to put this on your top priority list since customer engagement is a very crucial since this will help your company retain your existing customers and of course increase your brand credibility.

4. Social media channels are also responsible for generating a highly powerful traffic for your site. You don't even have to worry since there's a lot of social media channels that will be able to help you and would make it easier for you to obtain for your website the relevant and quality traffic that it will need.

5. Aside from that, when you promote your products through social media channels, this will definitely help you so that you can increase your return over investment or ROI. This process will be able to help you in increasing your conversion rate and benefit from a desirable ROI.

6. Your industry is considered to have a backbone if you have total access to customer's feedback. This is because the feedback actually helps in improving your products based on what your customer's require. Due to the fact that social media channels aid in making customer engagement possible, then customer feedback will always be available for the company to use as basis for improvement. With this, you can always expect customer reviews and feedback that can help you in making your products or services even better.

7. There is no better way or an even cheaper way than a social media channel when it comes to announcing new products or services for your company. Social media will make it easier for you to spread the news regarding a new product or service. You can even include information such as arrival or release dates.

8. Another importance of social media marketing is the fact that it will allow you to discover your customers' preferences so that you will be able to act based on what they want. By knowing their preferences, it will be much easier for you to enhance all of your products and plan your marketing campaigns more effectively.